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Configuring Dialing Rules

Configuring Dialing Rules for a TAPI device

In order to configure dialing rules right-click on the appropriate device in the Flexor Manager Devices and Applications window and select the Configure option as shown below.

How to configure a SnomTAPI Device

This will present a window enabling you to configure the dialing options for this device. For more information about configuring dialing rules, please see the Flexor Manager documentation on Configuring Dialing Rules.

If you do not have any dialing rules configured and an application tries to dial a number in canonical form, i.e. starting with a +, then the TAPI software will warn you and provide you with the option of configuring dialing rules.

No rules are configured

To configure rules and cancel the click to dial, click Ok else click Cancel to pass the request on to the phone unchanged.

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