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Adding TAPI devices to Flexor Manager

In order to add a new device you need to start the Flexor Connect for TAPI devices Scan Wizard. This wizard may have been automatically started by the Flexor Manger Welcome Wizard. If this is not the case then it can be started by right clicking in the Devices section of the Flexor Manager Devices and Applications window and selecting the appropriate option as shown below:

Start the scan wizard

Once the Scan Wizard has started it will automatically look for TAPI devices connected to your PC. To check if your TAPI device driver is installed, navigate to Phone and Modem, Advanced tab in your PC's Windows Control Panel.

If the Scan Wizard has located any TAPI devices it will show them as it finds them. When it has finished you can add a device.


Scan wizard looking for devices. To add a device simply click once on the device in the scan window and then click the Add > button.

In the example above the Ninja soft phone which supports TAPI is used. Please note this is just an example (unless you are using Ninja), in most cases you should expect to see an entry containing your phone extension number and / or your phone manufacturers name for instance; Cisco, Avaya, Nortel etc. If this is not visible the driver is probably not installed or configured correctly. You can test your TAPI driver is recognised in Windows by using MS Dialer.

Phone and Modem Advanced

The TAPI driver for your phone (possibly with configuration options) should appear under Windows, Control Panel, Phone and Modems, Advanced tab, as in the example above. If it doesn't you will need to obtain the correct driver for your phone system from your manufacturer (e.g. Cisco) and install and configure it as per your manufacturers instructions. Your operating system will have added a number of default items, as in the screen shot above, which are in most cases not relevant. In this example the Global IP Tel TSP is the driver for the Ninja soft phone being used.

TAPI Device Added

The screen shot above shows a connected TAPI device.

Information on trouble shooting your TAPI device is available here.

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