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Adding Skype to Flexor Manager

To activate Skype for Flexor Connect within Flexor Manager, open the Devices and Applications window and right-click in the Devices section. Navigate the "New" menu and select the "Skype" option to add the Skype device.

Devices and Applications window showing New Device menu

Adding the Skype device

A "Skype" device will be added to the Devices section of the Devices and Applications window. If Skype is not currently running, or you are not logged in to Skype, the device will be shown as unavailable.

Devices and Applications window showing Skype device not connected

Skype not available - Skype not running

Once you have started Skype and logged in, the device display will change to show that Skype for Flexor Connect is now active.

Devices and Applications window showing Skype device connected

Skype device available, user is logged in to Skype

Authorising Skype to work with Flexor Manager

The first time Skype for Flexor Connect device connects to the Skype program, or after you update Flexor Manager, Skype will require you to authorise Flexor Connect to connect to Skype. This will be shown as an event in the Skype client window.

Top of Skype window showing Flexor Manager authorisation event

Skype requesting authorisation to work with Flexor Connect

Click on the "Flexor Manager.exe" link to open the Skype API Access Control window

Skype API Access Control window

Authorising Flexor Manager to work with Skype

Select Allow this program to use Skype, Then press the Ok button, and Skype is ready to use with your Flexor CTI applications.

If you do accidentally select Do not allow this program to use Skype and press the Ok button, you will have to change the setting manually in Skype in order to authorise Skype to work with Flexor Connect. This can be found on the Advanced Settings section of the Skype Options form, under "Manage other programs' access to Skype".

Deactivating Skype for Flexor Connect

If you want to disable the Skype for Flexor Connect device, right-click on the Skype device and select the "Delete" option. The device entry will be removed, and the integration between Flexor Manager and Skype will be deactivated. To reactivate it, just add the device again as above.

Devices and Applications window showing Delete option for Skype device

Skype device being removed

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