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Starting the Scan Wizard

In order to add a new device you need to start the Flexor Connect for Polycom Phones Scan Wizard. This wizard may have been automatically started by the Flexor Manger Welcome Wizard. If this is not the case then it can be started by right clicking in the Devices section of the Flexor Manager Devices and Applications window and selecting the appropriate option as shown below:

Start the scan wizard

Once the Scan Wizard has started it will automatically look for Polycom phones on your local network.

Scan wizard looking for phones

If the Scan Wizard has located any phones it will show them as it finds them. When it has finished you can either add a phone, or if no phones are found or your phone is not found you can add a phone manually.

Scan wizard looking for phones

To add a phone simply click once on the phone in the scan window and the click the Add > button.

To add a phone manually click the Manually > button

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