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Introduction to the Camrivox Flexor Manager Software



If you have not already installed the Flexor Manager software, please see this section that covers the Installation of the Camrivox Flexor Manager software. You should also read the Quick Start Guide (available here).

Note that installation should be performed in conjunction with a Flexor User ID and password to log into the software. An email may have been sent to you if you registered at the Flexor Account Portal or if you purchased the software from a reseller. Login credentials can also be created during the installation of Flexor at the Welcome Wizard stage. If you are the first user to set up a Flexor account at your company, you will be the Administrator of your companies Flexor account. Once you have created your credentials you can add other users to your account via the Flexor Account Portal or from the Welcome Wizard during subsequent installations of Flexor on other PC's by using the Add Account option.

Running the application

Once installed you can run Flexor Manager from the Windows Start menu. Click on the following in sequence:

When you run the Flexor Manager, an icon will be installed in the System Tray area of your desktop as shown below (you may need to customize the task tray to show the icon and notifications):

Screenshot of tray icon

The Flexor Manager icon can be see on the right-hand-side of the Taskbar

Right-clicking on the Flexor Manager icon will open a menu:

Flexor Tray Icon Menu                                     Tray icon menu logged out   

The Flexor Manager menu can be accessed by right-clicking

The menu provides several options:

Hovering the mouse over the Flexor Manager icon will open a balloon describing the current status of the application. Double-clicking on the icon will open the OnScreen Window if it is not already open.

The subsequent chapters describe each of the above in more detail. Camrivox also recommends Customizing your PC's Taskbar to show the Flexor Icon.

Please note Flexor Manager is not itself a soft phone. A compatible phone device / system is required. Please see FAQ.

Other Languages

Camrivox is currently expanding its support for other languages. In the meantime, this web page can be accessed in other languages using Google's automated translation service below:

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